What I’m still missing about posterous

pos­te­rous is cool, no doubt about that. Using the cor­re­spon­ding email address I can exact­ly defi­ne whe­re my posts should go and all that without having to open the web­site of the ser­vices I’d like to use. I can wri­te blog posts, add web snip­pets to my tumb­le log, send tweets, add pho­tos to my Flickr pho­to­stream and so on. 

 pos­te­rous is very intel­li­gent when it comes to pos­ting links to other ser­vices. It uses short URL ser­vices to shor­ten long URLs which is very use­ful on ser­vices like Twit­ter. It embeds Flickr pho­tos (if pos­si­ble), You­Tube vide­os and hosts atta­ched media like pic­tures and music without the hass­le of set­ting up webs­pace any­whe­re, direct­ly into the post. 

 I love pos­te­rous, email has beco­me much more uni­ver­sal thanks to this service. 

 But what I don’t like very much is the way pos­te­rous adds new posts to my tumb­le log at tumblr.com (ulfklose.name). Tumb­lr crea­tes dif­fe­rent kinds of posts, depen­ding on the con­tent you’d like to sub­mit. The avail­ab­le con­tent types are: 

 — Text
- Pho­to
- Quo­te
- Link
- Chat
- Audio
- Video

 (see the atta­ched picture) 

 When I sub­mit a post to [email protected], the con­tent will beco­me avail­ab­le through my pos­te­rous account (this one) and my Tumb­lr account. The Tumb­lr account posts the link to Twit­ter, Twit­ter posts to Face­book 😉 To make sure ever­yo­ne will notice 😀 

 That works fine, but… When sen­ding con­tent via pos­te­rous to Tumb­lr, ever­ything is sub­mit­ted as “Text”. It would be much nicer if the­re were the pos­si­bi­li­ty to tag the email con­tent with #text, #pho­to and so on so that Tumb­lr will crea­te an ade­qua­te post and not the gene­ric one with the type “Text”.

 Flickr. I love Flickr. What whould be very nice, bes­i­des that I won’t post 200 MB of pho­tos via email, would be the pos­si­bi­li­ty to crea­te new albums or even collec­tions via pos­te­rous. I’m using iPho­to ’09 so it’s very unli­kely that I will post pho­tos via pos­te­rous to my Flickr stream, but may­be other users would love to see this. 

 May­be someo­ne at pos­te­rous reads this and can make a state­ment. May­be it’s alrea­dy pos­si­ble and I just mis­sed that one? 

 Any­way, you guys at pos­te­rous, keep up the good work, I love your ser­vice and it saves me so much time when pos­ting con­tents to my social net­work services.


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