To all Mac users: what applications are in your /Applications folder?

I’m asking mys­elf, what other Mac users do use for their ever­y­day
needs. How many paid, how many Open Source apps are the­re on your
Mac(s)? Are the­re any apps you had to licen­se for more than one Mac?
How many Macs do you use regu­lar­ly (means: almost every day)? 

I’ll begin this litt­le game: 

Ope­ra­ting Sys­tem: Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leo­pard
Sur­fing: Apple Safa­ri
Mail: Apple Mail
Word pro­ces­sing: Apple Pages
Pre­sen­ta­ti­on: Apple Key­note
Spreads­he­ets: Apple Num­bers
Adress Book: Apple Adress Book
Calen­dard: Apple iCal
Pho­to libra­ry: Apple iPho­to (star­ting to play around with Apple Aper­tu­re, too)
Music play­back and manage­ment: Apple iTu­nes
Coding: Eclip­se or Text­ma­te (depen­ding on the lan­guage)
Quick­star­ter: Goog­le Quick­se­arch Box
FTP/SCP: Trans­mit
Pass­word manage­ment: 1Password
File sharing: Drop­box
Screen­shots: Skitch
Vir­tua­liz­a­ti­on: VMware Fusi­on 2.0
Messaging: Adi­um, Sky­pe and iChat (lat­ter only some­ti­mes)
Notes manage­ment: Ever­no­te
Social net­wor­king: Event­box
To Do Manage­ment: Things
Image edi­t­ing: Pixel­ma­tor
Back­up: Apple Time Machi­ne
Media strea­ming (to Xbox, PS3): Play­back
Media manage­ment: Deli­cious Libra­ry
Video codecs: Peri­an (self-com­pi­led from recent SVN trunk)
Noti­fi­ca­ti­ons: Growl
Pref­Pa­nes: Blue Har­vest, Cameras 

Every app­li­ca­ti­on in the most recent version. 

I have two Macs. An iMac 24″ (August 2007) and a white Mac­Book 13″
(Febru­a­ry 2008). Except App­les iWork every app­li­ca­ti­on I use is
legal­ly usable on more than one machi­ne as it is licen­sed per user,
not per machine.


Plea­se wri­te a post yourself or lea­ve your equip­ment in the comments.

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