A little bit of reviewing

I know, most of the movies, games, whatsoever, is alrea­dy on the mar­ket for qui­te a while, but nevertheless, I wan­ted to wri­te a very litt­le review about them. Don’t expect reviewing very oftem from me, I just like to do that occasionally. 

Death Race

 Fri­day night I fet­ched the movie “Death Race” from the video store and wat­ched it with a friend. I do con­fess, I like Jason Stat­ham, wat­ched almost every movie with him. My favo­ri­tes are Trans­por­ter, Revol­ver, Crank and Crank 2. 

 The plot is about the bankrupt USA and a pri­va­te pri­son sys­tem. In tho­se pri­sons the Gene­va Con­ven­ti­on does­n’t have any mea­ning at all, the pri­so­ners do not keep any of their human rights. Jason Stat­ham is a hard worker who is wron­gly accu­sed of kil­ling his wife. As usu­al his figh­t­ing capa­bi­li­ties bring him into a decent posi­ti­on. The lea­der of the pri­son wants him to dri­ve in the Death Race as the mys­te­rious “Fran­ken­stein”, who died during the last race. The “Death Race” is being shown inter­na­tio­nal­ly on TV whe­re ever­yo­ne can buy a sub­scrip­ti­on to view this inhu­man show. It’s the prison’s cash cow. During the plot Jason dis­co­vers that one of the racers is repon­si­ble for the death of his wife what leads him to kill this per­son. That’s all what is men­tion­ab­le about the plot. 

 The movie has a lot of fast paced action, and is very very vio­lent. No won­der why the Ger­man rating asso­cia­ti­on rated the movie “18”.

 The thing I did­n’t like about the movie, and what I gene­ral­ly don’t like in movies, was the vio­lence against women. Every dri­ver got a sexy woman as his co dri­ver. Her duty was to defend the car using smo­ke, napalm, etc. against the oppon­ents. In the begin­ning of the movie I thought that “Fran­ken­stein” was the only dri­ver with a co dri­ver, but one or two minu­tes later we saw a dri­ver cra­shing his car against a wall and heard a woman screa­ming direct­ly befo­re the accident. 

 During the race the dri­vers are able to collect wea­pon­ry, shield, etc. by dri­ving over a pla­te with the respec­ti­ve sign on it. One of the avail­ab­le signs spawns some kind of blo­cker to stop the opponent’s car and kill the occup­ants. You can see several sce­nes during the movie in which one of the cars cras­hes into one of the­se blo­ckers. The mode­ra­tor only speaks of a kil­led dri­ver as if the women aren’t worth a dime during this race. Towards the end of the movie the asi­an co dri­ver of a dri­ver cal­led “14 K” gets kil­led by a rota­ting spik­ed thing moun­ted on the wheels of a giant truck cal­led “the dre­ad­nought”. The spikes go through steel of the car and kill her very bloo­dy and vio­lent­ly. I hated this sce­ne. A few seconds later the car was des­troy­ed with some kind of canon tower like tho­se on a tank. 

 In sum­ma­ry, a nice, but very bloo­dy and inhu­man movie. Gene­ral­ly I don’t like this kind of movie. Nice cars, nice fights but a litt­le bit too vio­lent in my opi­ni­on. A decent clue that this sce­ne­ry isn’t too unrea­listic for the future of the US? Think about “Run­ning Man” with Arnold Schwar­zen­eg­ger which had a very simi­lar set­ting. Let’s hope, things like the­se never beco­me true. 

Fall­out. 3 

 Yes­ter­day I star­ted play­ing the Xbox 360 game Fall­out. 3. By now I play­ed this game for about six hours and I’m impres­sed. The game’s world real­ly is giant, the­re are a lot of things to dis­co­ver and lot of NPCs to talk to. So far I sol­ved three quests and kil­led about 25 crea­tures which were most­ly radia­ted ver­si­ons of rats and dogs but even some human bein­gs and so cal­led super mutants which look human but aren’t human any more. The game’s set­ting is very mor­bid and dark. 200 years in the future huma­ni­ty almost des­troy­ed its­elf in a nuclear war. The sur­vi­vers now have to face a very black and cold pla­net with almost no vege­ta­ti­on and muta­ted live forms which are most­ly very aggressive. 

 Alt­hough I like the game I think I will stop play­ing it for a while as it is defi­ni­te­ly no game for the warm som­mer mon­ths. I think I’m gon­na con­ti­nue play­ing when the wea­ther gets col­der again 😉 

Bat­man: Ark­han Asylum 

 I just got the demo ver­si­on of the game from the Xbox 360 mar­ket place. It loo­ks very inte­res­ting, espe­cial­ly for tho­se who like the Bat­man uni­ver­se. I loved the last two movies, Bat­man Returns and Bat­man: The Dark Knight, and I real­ly do like the sce­ne­rie in the game. The Joker escaped from cus­to­dy and now Bat­man has to pre­vent the worst and fight all the cra­zy inha­bi­tants. He sneaks upon them, fights them direct­ly and uses the gene­ral darkness in the asyl­um. I’m alrea­dy thin­king about buy­ing the game. When I find it for a decent pri­ce I think this is going to be the next game I’m going to buy.

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